The Toys

Made by hand with care, Twinzy Toys are safe, washable and environmentally friendly organic dolls.  Non-toxic child safe ink is used in the printing of the designs and the fabric is a robust organic cotton hemp blend that is soft to the touch.  Stuffed with raw organic cotton and sewn with organic thread these timeless toys will age gracefully for years to come.   While the materials are updated for 21st century environmental sensibilities the designs are direct replicas of the Squier Twins’ original art straight from the Heritage Battle Creek archives.

We have left the dolls in basic black and white so you can decorate your characters any way you wish.  One option is to use non-toxic fabric markers.  Whatever tools you choose to make your Twinzy Toy unique we hope you share pictures be emailing them to twinzytoys@gmail.com

The dolls that currently available are just a few of the original designs.  With luck and your support we will be able to bring more characters to life.

The Team

Yvonne Mickens, a veteran educator at Battle Creek  Central High School. Yvonne’s development of the Twinzy Toy line offers an opportunity to share her crafting skills with young people and pursue her entrepreneurial interests.

Ken Faris is a Battle Creek resident and (re)Founder of Twinzy Toys.   He became interested in reviving Twinzy Toys after learning of the brand and its original creators, the Squier twins, from a commemorative plaque in Quaker Park.  He has worked with Heritage Battle Creek to secure an exclusive licensing agreement for the brand. Professionally he is a Digital Strategy Consultant with Accenture Interactive and holds an MBA from Babson College.

The Mission

The primary mission of Twinzy Toys is to engage the minds of young people as they explore history, entrepreneurship, and social issues through the story of the Squier twins and the adventures they share with the Twinzy characters.    In addition, Twinzy Toys donates a portion of proceeds to Heritage Battle Creek and the Generation E Institute so that local students can explore their history and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

The Future

Recreating the dolls and toys is an exciting first step. Compelling in their timeless charm they also offer an opportunity to use 21st century media and technology to bring their stories to life in ways never before possible.  Through the success of the toys we intend to reinvest in digital offerings such as ebooks, games, videos, and a virtual world where the toys and their human friends can enjoy adventures together.

As a friend of the Twinzy Toys and its we hope that will join us on this journey by sharing your experiences with the toys and your ideas for how we might continue to grow through new characters, stories, and ways of interacting with one another.

Thank you,
Ken Faris
Twinzy Toys ReFounder